Name: Aaron Reed Howey
Nickname: "The Overlord";"Ron";"Mole"
Age: 17.5
Age everyone assumes: 18,6,50
Birthdate: 18/10/81
How often forgotten: Ocasionaly
Sex: Male
Preference: Petite, dark hair
How Often: Never
Democrate or Republican? I hate polotics
Last time had date: I can't remember
Political affiliation: None
Religous preference: Born a Catholic but I don't belive in it
Scientific Stance: Nothings impossible
How many times re-incarnated: 2 trillion
When got into modeling: Mid '97
When learned modeling: April/98 (I think)
When started modeling cool stuff: May/98 (I think)
When first joined a modeling group: May/98 (I think)
How many groups been a part of: Behaviour Group (For about a day until everyone quit team 001) , 3DWarriors, 3DWII, FLD
How many currently part of: 3DWII, FLD
How many movies completed: 1 and about 14 half finished ones
Which models: (In order) Crappy Constitution (Done in a crappy program), Constitution (Done in MAX), Romulan BoP, Fury class romulan cruiser (I think Baloo designed it), Vulcan Warp shuttle, Freedom class, Pathfinder (Just gotta do one more texture), Probably more but I can't remeber them
Why got into modeling: Always wanted to do trek models and do the FX in sci-fi films
Favorite Bands: None really
Last order from
I just buy 'em from a store like HMV or MVC or Virgin (Or where ever is cheaper)
Favorite kind of music: Allsorts
Favorite Novel: Any Terry Pratchett's Diskworld novels
Favorite Trek Novel I've only read one graphic novel which was "Ashes of Eden"
Favorite resource: My brain, then the Net
Favorite Trek Reference: Star Trek Fact files
Last order from None yet, but I'll probably be be buying some MAX books from there soon
Favorite SciFi shows in order: DS9, TNG, B5, TOS, X-files, Voy, All the old classics (Like Battlestar Galactica and Space 1999), Buffy, Hercules, Xena
Favorite Scifi Movies: Star Wars Trilogy
Trek Movies likeable order: 2/8,6,9,7,3,1,4,5
Favorite Breakfast: 3 Wheatabix with a spoon of sugar and milk and a nice cuppa tea, milk two sugars
Favorite Lunch: Super Noodles
Favorite Dinner: Spagheti Bolagnese/Chiken Korma/Chicken Madrass
Things I can cook: Anything that can be put in a microwave or boiled quickly in a saucepan
Favorite drink: Cherry Coke, Dr. Pepper (Which is almost the same as cherry coke), Coke, Tea, Any anaseed flavoured spirits (eg, Sambuca)
Is Mt. Dew a viable propalactic? I dunna
Work: Soon (Whenevr I can be arsed)
Position: Nowt
Job security? Nada
Date Attended College: Started late '98 in a sixth-form (Equivalant of a college)
Date Graduated: Hopefully in the year 2000
Plans after College: Get a well paying job
Dream Job: For this group to become a a proper FX house or a top CGI company
Is Tachy a vampire? Yep, definately
How long before DaveR goes postal: NOW
Will Mike ever get laid? Thats a tough one.... :)
Can TomV really model the Katana despite his bickering? Of course!
How old did I think Aaron was? I always think I'm 21 :)
Who do I find most annoying: Anyone named Rob Smith
Imperialistic Regimes I've brought down: Only my own plans of universal domination
Imperialistic Regimes I've started: My plans of total galatic conquest
Quick word of Advice: Don't ask me
Number of Fan Fiction series written: 1/2 ish...
Total Stories: 2 or so
Number of original stories written: See above
Mental Temperment: Lazy
Current Medication: Neurofen for Migraines
Current weather: Clear but COLD
Elevation: How the f*** do I know?
Current Residence: Bromley, Kent, England (10 miles South of London)
Last Residence: Somewhere else in Bromley
Grew up: Errrr...
GREW UP IN: You guesed it Bromley again
Born: Farnborough Hospital (1/2 mile from Bromley)
Immortal? Of course!
Godlike Powers: Very Ocassional Omnipotence(Or however ya spell it)
Is this test personal enough: Welll...
Would you like it to end: Yes! End it now!
Too Bad: :)
Number of Animals: 4 cats from hell and all the fleas on them
Number of years computer experience I am a computer (Or about 5+ years)
Wish you could kill someone: Yeah, I've already got a long list
Number of ex-gfs 2 ish
Number of ex-bfs 0
Number of current girlfriends: 0
Number of current boyfriends 0
Married: No
Engaged: No
Leather and Handcuffs: No SM for me
Number of brothers: 1 ickle brother
Number of Sisters: 0 did have one but she died after she was born
Number of Mothers: 1 As far as I know
Number of Fathers: 1 AFAIK
Avg amount of HD space devoted to porn: However big that pic of Jeri Ryan is
Avg amount devoted to modeling: 90% of my current HD
Computer speed: 166
Memory: 144 meg
Next Upgrade: Dual p3 Zeon with 1/2 gig ram (I wish)

More likely a p2 450 with about 128/256 RAM

Favorite Games: X-com series, Wing Commander series, Worms, Baldurs gate, Space Empires III (Cool shareware game), Starcraft & Broodwar, Zelda series(On the NES, Gameboy, SNES and N64)
Done? At LAST!!!!

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