Name: Tom
Nickname: Cooper
Age: 22
Age everyone assumes: 22
Birthdate: 19/07/1976
How often forgotten: Never
Sex: Male
Preference: Must have long hair
How Often: Classified
Democrate or Republican? Huh, do we elect American presidents for the world these days.
Last time had date: Too long ago.
Political affiliation: None
Religous preference: None
Scientific Stance: What is not yet explained, will be soon.
How many times re-incarnated: Just once
When got into modeling: August '98 stopped after 3 weeks, continued in December 1998.
When learned modeling: December '98 (Still learning)
When started modeling cool stuff: December '98
When first joined a modeling group: December '98
How many groups been a part of: 3DW (for a very short time), SCIFI-ART
How many currently part of: SCIFI-ART
How many movies completed: about 10
Which models: (In order) A freighter (it's dreadfull), Deep Space 31 (dreadfull too), A shuttle pod from ST:TMP (Better, but still dreadfull), Uss Amsterdam (Nice), Uss Cheyenne, Uss Kuyshu.
Why got into modeling: Making real models takes up to much space in my too small room.
Favorite Bands: Bands, no individuals: 2pac, Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy, Blackstreet, Janet!
Last order from Never
Favorite kind of music: R&B, Rap, Gansta Rap, Hip Hop, Janet!
Favorite Novel: None
Favorite Trek Novel Can't get that kinda of stuff over here!
Favorite resource: Internet
Favorite Trek Reference: Star trek Omnipedia
Last order from Nope too!
Favorite SciFi shows in order: ST:TNG, ST:DS9, X-Files, Space Above and Beyond, ST:VOY, Babylon 5.
Favorite Scifi Movies: Star Trek: First Contact
Trek Movies likeable order: 8, 2, 3, 6, 9, 7, 4, 1, 5
Favorite Breakfast: Orange juice
Favorite Lunch: Saucijzenbroodjes
Favorite Dinner: Spaghetti, Japanese Food
Things I can cook: Choclade Salty Balls
Favorite drink: Coca Cola!
Is Mt. Dew a viable propalactic? Who's that!
Work: None, graduating from the university right now.
Position: None
Job security? No
Date Attended College: Sept 93- june 97 Business School, Sept 97 University
Date Graduated: 1 july 1997 and hopefully 31 july 1999.
Plans after College: Transform from business education to Information Technology.
Dream Job: ?
Is Tachy a vampire? Don't know. I still have all my blood!
How long before DaveR goes postal: Soon, very soon!
Will Mike ever get laid? Ask him!
Can TomV really model the Katana despite his bickering? Definetly
How old did I think Aaron was? Somewhere between the ages 0 and 100?
Who do I find most annoying: Me?
Imperialistic Regimes I've brought down: 63 so far that is counting from the day the Empire started.
Imperialistic Regimes I've started: One, the Kingdom became an Empire and has never been defeated yet.
Quick word of Advice: 'Everything is going to be alright', 'That's just the way it is'.
Number of Fan Fiction series written: No none.
Total Stories: One
Number of original stories written: One
Mental Temperment: Chilled, with a touch of desperation
Current Medication: You don't want too know!
Current weather: Nice sunny afternoon, not to hot though, lovely cloud cover. Nice flying wheather, a bit wind though wouldn't go too high.
Elevation: About 1.
Current Residence: Tholen, The Netherlands
Last Residence: Same
Grew up: Don't know, seriously doubt that!
GREW UP IN: Tholen
Born: Yes, Oh where: Tholen
Immortal? Not yet, but I have a team of scientists working on that.
Godlike Powers: No, but that to won't take long.
Is this test personal enough: Sure.
Would you like it to end: No I'm quite enjoying it and if I wanted it to end it would be over now.
Too Bad: Not really.
Number of Animals: One a Turtle, which was walking throught the garden six years ago, came out of nowhere. Like X-file episode story!
Number of years computer experience 4 years C64, 4 years PC.
Wish you could kill someone: I can, you can't?
Number of ex-gfs Classified
Number of ex-bfs Classified
Number of current girlfriends: None
Number of current boyfriends None
Married: Nope
Engaged: Nope Too
Leather and Handcuffs: No thanks
Number of brothers: 1 Older
Number of Sisters: None
Number of Mothers: 1
Number of Fathers: 1
Avg amount of HD space devoted to porn: Let me see, about 0.
Avg amount devoted to modeling: Everything else except some space for something called a  operating system (Don't know why I need one though?) About 12 GB.
Computer speed: P-MMX 200 mhz
Memory: 48 megs
Next Upgrade: Soon, at most 3 months: P3- at the fastest available, a zillion megs and stuff.
Favorite Games: Star Trek: A final Unity, NFS3, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.
Done? No, you? Too bad.
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