Name: Andrew J. Hodges
Nickname: "Devil(man)"
Age: 27
Age everyone assumes: 19
Birthdate: 11/1/72
How often forgotten: Every Birthday
Sex: "Yes Please!" (Male)
Preference: SOTA Computers and Lamborghini's
How Often: Never
Democrate or Republican? Athiest
Last time had date: "Whats a date?"
Political affiliation: Athiest
Religous preference: "I exist, therefore I am."
Scientific Stance: Astronomy Rules!
How many times re-incarnated: Several
When got into modeling: November '98
When learned modeling: Still learning!
When started modeling cool stuff: Hopefully soon!
When first joined a modeling group: November '99 - After getting busted by Tachy!
How many groups been a part of: 3D Warriors
How many currently part of: Scifi-art, The Elite Project
How many movies completed: many little ones
Which models: (In order) Attack Class Runabout, Scorpion Class, CobraMk3, Adder, Lion, Falcon, ViperMk1, Boa, OspreyX, Sidewinder, Orbital City, Corialis Station, Alien Fighter, Many planetary meshes...
Why got into modeling: Couldn't get a date... *sigh*
Favorite Bands: Everything 80`s plus Aqua, Britney Spears, Shania Twain, and a few other horn-bags!
Last order from
none none
Favorite kind of music: 80's! 80's! 80's! ..and 90's that remix the 80's! (and techno)
Favorite Novel: Shadows of the Empire
Favorite Trek Novel William Shatner's "The Return"
Favorite resource: Ultimate Bulletin Board
Favorite Trek Reference: Art of Star Trek: Movies Sketchbook
Last order from none
Favorite SciFi shows in order: Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: DS9, Star Trek TNG, babylon 5, Space:Above & Beyond, MIB (cartoon), Simpsons, Equinox, Extreme Machines, StarTrek: Cartoon, Astroboy, StarBlazers, G-Force, The News.
Favorite Scifi Movies: All Things Sci-Fi (Except 'Deep Impact' and 'Sphere'.
Trek Movies likeable order: 8, 6, 1, 3, 4, 2, 3, 7. (5 and 9 SUCKED!)
Favorite Breakfast: I dont get up in time for Breakfast!
Favorite Lunch: (Breakfast) $3.00 of Chippes from the Chip Shop!
Favorite Dinner: Half Pepperoni/Half Hawaiaan Pizza from Pizza Hut.
Things I can cook: Chips, Spaghetti, Hotdogs, Pizza.
Favorite drink: Southern Comfort, PepsiMax, Jim Beam, Orange Juice (??)
Is Mt. Dew a viable propalactic? I cant fit the bottle over my tockley, so I dont know... :(
Work: ex-Pizza Hut.
Position: Crew Trainer
Job security? A pistol!
Date Attended College: *ahem* "Whats College?
Date Graduated: If I ever go, I`ll get an ARTS degree, so I should Graduate in 10-20 years..
Plans after College: Start standing in the line at Welfare!
Dream Job: Gynocologist, or Gigalo.
Is Tachy a vampire? Does he Suck? I dunno.... ;)
How long before DaveR goes postal: Sometime before he's 19...
Will Mike ever get laid? Only if he crawls up a chooks bum and waits!
Can TomV really model the Katana despite his bickering? Ask God.
How old did I think Aaron was? 6 and a half.
Who do I find most annoying: Politicians, and geeks who take TREK too seriously. Also idiots who have 'foot in mouth' disease!
Imperialistic Regimes I've brought down: No Condom Vending Machines in Submarines!
Imperialistic Regimes I've started: Lowering the age of Consent to 10, and legal drinking at 6. Also 24hr McDonnalds.
Quick word of Advice: When you score a one-night-stand with stranger, GO DOWN on her FIRST so you can subtly, visibly check the furry love-tunnel for signs off disease, like warts, baldness, or a green discharge!
Number of Fan Fiction series written: none
Total Stories: none
Number of original stories written: none... Am I boring or what!
Mental Temperment: yes.
Current Medication: Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, Codiene, Alchohol.
Current weather: VIVA LA TROPICS!
Elevation: just above sea level me thinks! (I can see the ocean!)
Current Residence: North Queensland, Australia
Last Residence: Victoria, Australia (Brrrrr!)
Grew up: I shall start that soon!
GREW UP IN: Victoria, Australia (Brrrrr!)
Born: Melbourne, Australia. Was found on a monastry's doorstep.
Immortal? I`d like to believe it - but no... :(
Godlike Powers: I can auto-felate! (beat that guys!)
Is this test personal enough: Where do I show a piccy of my ass?
Would you like it to end: as soon as possible please!
Too Bad: "D'oh!"
Number of Animals: I've slept with? Hmmm......
Number of years computer experience [Amstrad] 1yr | [C=64/128D] 6yrs | [Amiga] 3yrs | [IBM] 3yrs
Wish you could kill someone: I`m a pacafist!
Number of ex-gfs hehe - "A few!" ;)
Number of ex-bfs Excluding that time I got REALY drunk, 0!
Number of current girlfriends: 3 (but If the one I`m living with reads this - 1!)
Number of current boyfriends "Hide the tequilla!
Engaged: Only if it shuts the bitch up! (but I will NEVER Marry!) ;)
Leather and Handcuffs: At the drycleaners.
Number of brothers: 2 younger
Number of Sisters: 2 younger
Number of Mothers: 1
Number of Fathers: 1 (what am I? Arnold Schwarzenneger out of 'Twins'???)
Avg amount of HD space devoted to porn: NONE! ('they' might be reading this!)
Avg amount devoted to modeling: All, minus the space for Win95
Computer speed: P1 266 MMX
Memory: 30 (+2 Vid)
Next Upgrade: "....something about winning the lottery..."
Favorite Games: FRONTIER:FIRST ENCOUNTERS, FRONTIER, ELITE [amiga], Civ2, SimCity2000, Transport Tycoon, Railroad Tycoon (old Ver), Outpost1, Total Anhillation.
Done? zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz....

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