Name: Cyrille
Nickname: Tachy
Age: 30
Age everyone assumes: 2
Birthdate: 9/9/72
How often forgotten: Never ( i make sure of that )
Sex: Male
Preference: My Wife !
How Often: every day !
Democrate or Republican? I can't stand George W Bush
Political affiliation: none
Religous preference: i don't believe in this bullshit...
Scientific Stance: mc˛=Hv
How many times re-incarnated: all the time, and i always come back as myself.
When got into modeling: May '97
When learned modeling: May '97
When started modeling cool stuff: Feb 98
When first joined a modeling group: '97
How many groups been a part of: Too many ! recently the Wolfpack 359 , but they had to kick me out because of my opinions on the war in afghanistan.
How many currently part of: Scifi-Art
How many movies completed: a lot
Which models: (In order) Saber,Steamrunner,Norway,Akira v1 to v4, oh hell, i have modeled almost everything but the sovy. Fucking too many mate, i modelled everything !
Why got into modeling: Because i wanted to try 3D modeling ( sounds pretty dumb)
Favorite Bands: The Cure, Depeche Mode, Shadow Project, The Cocteau Twins, Bel Canto, Marilyn Manson, Christian Death, Placebo, Curve....
Last order from
what's that?
Favorite kind of music: Goth, Electro Wave, New Wave.
Favorite Novel: Host, by Peter James
Favorite Trek Novel Prime Directive wasn't bad. ( fuck i hate that shit )
Favorite resource: The Internet
Favorite Trek Reference: TNG Tech Manual ( ewwwwwwwwww ! )
Last order from Some shit about the universe by Stephen hawking.
Favorite SciFi shows in order: Babylon 5, Farscape.
Favorite Scifi Movies: 12 Monkeys
Trek Movies likeable order: 2, 1, 6, 8, 9, 4, 3, 7, 5.
Favorite Breakfast: Coffee, Orange Juice
Favorite Lunch: Tagliatelles al Gorgonzola
Favorite Dinner: Tagliatelles al Gorgonzola
Things I can cook: Tagliatelles al Gorgonzola
Favorite drink: Tagliatelles al Gorgonzola (ah ah ah ), nope.Orange Juice
Is Mt. Dew a viable propalactic? who's that ?
Work: [ this information is classified ]
Position: [ this information is classified ]
Job security? Yep
Been to the uni ? Yep, studied electronics
Dream Job: I have it already.
Is Tachy a vampire? Yes, very much so !
How long before DaveR becomes one ? he doesn't have the balls ( who the fuck is DaveR again, can't remember the bloke... )
Will Mike ever know how to make good textures if we all kick his butt together, yes.
Can TomV really model the Katana despite his bickering? he will and it 's gonna beat us all.
How old did I think Aaron was? 6
Who do I find most annoying: The Vorlons & their arrogance
Imperialistic Regimes I've brought down: Well, I also raised the standard for Trek pictures on the net, at least...
Quick word of Advice: Read the fucking manuals.
Number of Fan Fiction series written: 0
Total Stories: 0
Number of original stories written: 0
Mental Temperment: French
Current Medication: 3d Studio Max 5
Current weather: Bad ( Melbourne )
Elevation: Just about 0
Current Residence: Paris, France
Grew up: NEVER!
GREW UP IN: Lorient, Brittany
Born: Lorient, Brittany
Immortal? definitely
Is this test personal enough: No, it's been made by MikeWright FOR MikeWright
Would you like it to end: shit, yes.
Number of Animals: tropical Fish
Number of years computer experience too many...
Wish you could kill someone: WarriorDL, CA Clarck, can't remember the name of the other asshole, he made
Married: Yep
Engaged: Nope
Number of brothers: 1
Number of Sisters: 1
Number of Mothers: 1
Number of Fathers: 1
Avg amount of HD space devoted to porn: 0
Avg amount devoted to modeling: gigs and gigs
Computer speed: AMD 2.2GHz
Memory: 1000 MB
Next Upgrade: More RAM, dual CPU
Favorite Games: Trouble
Done? You tell me...

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