Frequently Asked Questions

1. Man that stuff is awesome! How do you guys do that stuff?

The bulk of the group uses a combination of 3D Studio Max r2.5 from Kinetix for modeling, and various programs from Adobe like Photoshop and Illustrator for texturing.

2. Where can I obtain a copy of these programs?

As a starter we recommend the "try before you buy" method. Kinetix offers a demo copy of 3D Studio which does not have the ability to save files, but if you can understand it, you are better off than buying a 3,000 dollar program and never using it. If the price seems rather steep, fret not...if you are a student, you can obtain an educational copy for around 950 bucks from . You have to be a college or High School student though.

3. How can I learn how to do that stuff?

We always recommend obtaining a single, simplified book which touches on the basics before getting heavily into it. Once you have a grasp of the basic concepts and how to work the program, look for references that are a bit more advanced. I recommend New Riders Inside 3D Studio Max, it is still a wonderful resource. (Even as its outdated by now... They do have a new one, Inside 3DStudio Max 2.5). Of course, our forums are also a great place to pick up new tricks.

4. Can one of you guys teach me how to use these programs?

We are all WAY to busy to tutor anyone... These programs are huge (and we're still learning ourselves!). However, you'll find some excellent tutorials in our Discovery Zone.

5. Can you give me a copy of Max?

Software piracy is illegal, we cannot and will not condone or support it. See the Forum Rules and Regulations for more information on this subject.

6. Can I have one of your great meshes?

We do offer meshes for download, these meshes are public domain and may be used as long as fair credit is given. Our other meshes however are not Public Domain, and are strictly forbidden by our charter to be released to the public.

7. Why are you so possesive about your meshes?

Building 3D models as detailed as these is not easy. The members of Scifi-Art have devoted hundreds of hours of time to making the models as perfect as we are able. More times that we care to count we have seen people taking credit for work downloaded from the internet, and we will not let that happen with our work.

8. What if I PROMISED not to give the mesh to anyone else!?

The answer is always and strictly no. We simply cannot bend this rule. An alternative would be to politely ask a member to work with you, (i.e. rendering a specific scene for you). NOTE : Most members schedules are full, but if your request is simple there is a chance we can render something for you. Pestering a member will not be tolerated.

9. What does it take to become a member?

We do not offer open membership at this time. However on occasion we have been known to recruit people out of the forums who possess talents we could really use. Usually its a particular skill, but sometimes it has been because of a really great mesh. Please don't ask unless responding to an opening offer in the forums, your request will go ignored.

10. Do you guys make any money off of this stuff?

Any Star Trek related material is explicitly forbidden from that, by both Paramount and our charter. However, at some point in the future Scifi-Art may consider doing some original commercial work.

11. Can you post some of my artwork on your page?

The Scifi-Art website is exclusively members only. However, you are encouraged to display your works in our forums.

12. Where can I get some free webspace?

Alot of people are looking for free webspace so they have somewhere to post upload thier artwork for display in our forums. A great place to look for free webspace providers is

13. Can I advertise my website on Scifi-Art?

You may post links to your site in the "Check out my Website!" forum. Scifi-Art does not accept solicitations for banner or other advertising at this time.

14. Can I advertise Scifi-Art on my website?

By all means please do :) We will supply linking graphics as they are created.

15. Can I post your pictures on my website?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. Most artists however, will be happy to allow it, as long as you ask them first and agree to whatever method is desired in regards to a credit.

16. Are you guys available on ICQ?

Some of us are, however most of us are often inundated with so many messages we have to turn the program off. E-mail is probably the best way to get in touch with us.

17. Hey I noticed one of you guys lives in the same town I do! Wanna hang out?

Depending on the person, there are a few of us that really go for that, schedule permitting of course. :)

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