The Year is 2258,the name of the place is ...err...damn, wrong show...
The SCIFI-ART Project was our last best hope for peace. IT FAILED, yeah, it failed because before becoming what we are, we went through a lot of good & bad stuff, as you will read in the story. Now it has become our last best hope for VICTORY, because we wanted to build a place for people to help themselves, to improve themselves, no matter what 3D programs they use. Of course there are the usual problems you can encounter while managing such a project but then, that's life. Despite all this, in two months of existence the forums have had 200 registered users, and we made something like 550 000 hits , with 5 gigs of traffic...impressive, huh?
So here's what you're gonna do, you certainly find that place pretty impressive (yeah, I am arrogant, that's because I am French you know, I didn't choose), so bring all your friends with you next time you stop by. :)




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