That was two months ago. The interim for the building of Scifi-Art was to last three weeks, as the Akira 3.0 would take about two weeks to finish, and lots of site design needed to be done. Unfortunately it didn't work out like that... We had no cohesive design for the site, and because of the complexity of finishing the Akira (and our strong desire for it to be perfect) no one got the Akira model in time to do any major renderings. It was decided that we'd take more time and do a really kick-ass site, rather thsn rely on the little bit we had. Since that time Pedro kicked out an Akira 4.0, (working on 5.0 Final right now), Cooper produced a Cheyenne and a New Orleans, and Tachy came up with some great new rendering methods. We had a TON of great tutorials. Unfortunately, by the time we opened our forums, a few bad things had happened too. I (MikeW) had some personal issues to deal with and was forced to resign as an active member. DaveR had some health issues that bit right into the middle of site production, so he was kind of left behind in the rush to open... But since then, we did pic up one new modeler, Tallysaurus, came up with a great site design with tons of cool content. So now what we have now is a really tightly held group with a lot of great meshes, a great site on which to display them, and a blank canvas to work with. And I imagine that now the site is up, everyone's going to be taking a big sigh of relief. *lol*.