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        Latest News & Updates

        Time Travel Film

        Tips To Create An Outstanding Time Travel Film

        If you want to make a good time travel film, there are several things you should know. Whether you’re a filmmaker looking to break into the genre or an enthusiast who enjoys time travel, some key elements can help your film stand out from the crowd.

        Get the Mechanics Right

        If your movie is about time travel, it’s worth spending some time to make sure the science behind the technology is sound. This will ensure that your audience understands the physics of what’s happening on screen, as well as how it might affect them. For example, if you’re planning on using a time machine to send a woman back in time to kill her husband, you need to be sure that your character has a clear understanding of the implications of that decision and why it will affect them so much.

        Use a Sense of Humor

        One of the best ways to bring a cynical, skeptical tone to a time travel movie is to let your characters do things they would never dream of doing in real life. A great way to do this is by letting your characters waste time and having them bumble through historical moments that they might otherwise find too serious for them to enjoy fully.

        Alternatively, you can take a more serious approach to time travel and ask what it means for a person to be sent through time, as seen in Shane Carruth’s “Primer.” This film, which centers around two engineering students who accidentally invent the time machine, focuses less on the technicalities of how the time machine works and more on the implications of sending someone into the past or future.

        Get the Characters Right

        Another great way to make sure your characters are believable is to make them as likable as possible. This will allow your audience to form a connection with them, regardless of what their circumstances might be. This is especially true in the case of time travel movies, where people are often swept up into events that they might not have otherwise been able to experience.

        For this reason, choosing the most likable of your time travel heroes as your lead is a good idea. This will also allow your audience to be invested in what happens to them, which is a necessary step for any film that features time travel.

        Make It a Kid’s Movie

        If you want to make a family-friendly time travel movie, look no further than Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It’s got a strong sense of satire, which works well with the time travel conceit and some great comedic performances from George Carlin and Ted Knight.

        To sum it up

        In the end, though, your goal should be to create a movie that everyone will enjoy and can stand up to repeated viewings. This can be tough, but if you follow the tips above, you’ll be on your way to making an outstanding time-travel film.

        Sci-Fi Movies

        Sci-Fi Movies With Good Stories

        Whether they’re about space travel, time travel, or some other futuristic adventure, sci-fi movies with good stories are always worth watching. And that’s not just because the science is often well-done and the filmmakers aren’t afraid to take risks, but also because a great sci-fi story will always have a timeless appeal.

        The best sci-fi movies have an excellent story woven into them, making for a memorable experience no matter how big the budget or how complex the world is. And sometimes, that means a good story that isn’t just about space and time but also deals with some important issues.

        sci-fi movies

        A Space Odyssey

        In Space Odyssey, director Stanley Kubrick takes the idea of human evolution and explores it in a way that is both prescient and beautiful. In addition to presenting an all-encompassing look at the origins of humankind, the film makes an ingenious argument for how we might evolve to become more advanced and intelligent than we are today.

        Minority Report

        Another example of a good science fiction film with a great story is Minority Report, a highly edgy movie exploring a world in which people have been programmed to predict their crimes before committing them. It’s a frightening and dystopian vision that’s both a little unnerving and beautifully realized.


        Cloverfield, which is based on a novel of the same name by Matt Reeves, tells a compelling alien invasion story using found footage clips that are incredibly eerie to watch. That’s because the filmmaker uses a very eerie style of editing that makes the found-footage segments feel like something you might see in a horror movie.

        The Thing

        The Thing, which was directed by John Carpenter and based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, is perhaps one of the most chilling and recognizable sci-fi horror movies of all time. It focuses on a group of scientists quarantined at a remote research station in Antarctica and discover that their surroundings are not the safest place to be.

        The Hunger Games

        Likewise, The Hunger Games, from Suzanne Collins’s best-selling trilogy, is a powerful drama about a group of kids fighting for their lives in a futuristic dystopia where all of their district’s inhabitants are forced to fight for their survival in an annual “Hunger Games.” A great story, a great director, and a stellar cast make this one of the most popular and acclaimed films of the 21st century.

        The Hunger Games


        Snowpiercer, a film directed by Bong Joon-ho of Parasite and The Host fame, is an excellent sci-fi film that combines a spooky post-apocalyptic setting with an amazing plot and an intense sense of drama. Despite its relatively slow-moving action, Snowpiercer is still one of the most visually stunning and tense sci-fi movies of all time, as the train in which the story unfolds barrels toward the end of civilization.

        Sci-Fi Look

        How To Have The Best Sci-Fi Look?

        Sci-Fi looks can be a hard thing to nail down. The genre is so vast and varied that it’s almost impossible to compile a definitive list of the best. Still, if you love the eerie, unsettling vibes of science fiction, here are some suggestions to help you get started:

        How it all started?

        Before we dive into the ways to get the best sci-fi looks, we need to first understand how it emerged. The aesthetic of Sci-Fi has changed drastically over the past several decades. From the dazzling neon-lit uniforms of the ’80s to the futuristic cyberpunk design of films like Blade Runner, the genre has undergone major transformations.

        One of the most important visual changes is the shift from the classic, flamboyant sci-fi look to a more muted and minimal style. Director Michael Bay’s blockbuster franchise is a prime example of this trend. Still, there are also many other great examples that use minimalist design to create an atmosphere of anxiety and unease.

        Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is an absolute masterpiece of dystopian science fiction. It occurs in a world where society has collapsed, and we’re forced to live under a dysfunctional and oppressive government. The film explores how people’s psyches can be controlled, and we watch Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) gradually transform into an activist in this dystopian world.

        Examining the human psyche

        It’s no secret that sci-fi has a long history of examining human psyches. From the earliest sci-fi flicks to the most recent blockbusters, filmmakers have been exploring the concept of “the human condition.” This is especially true regarding the genre’s depictions of aliens and time travel, as well as the concept of alienation.

        sci-fi looks

        Explore the space

        Another major trend in the science fiction genre is its exploration of space. This could be as simple as a movie about astronauts stranded on a distant planet or as complex as a film about the Earth’s environmental crisis. No matter the direction, it’s always important to make sure that a sci-fi film has a sense of scale and drama.

        Combination of the human psyche and space

        There are also films that combine both aspects of the genre, allowing the viewer to appreciate the intricate and compelling story without necessarily feeling like they’re watching a blockbuster action film or sci-fi blockbuster. The best examples of this type of cinematic storytelling aren’t always the most high-budget movies, but they’re often some of the most visually stunning ones.

        Examples of best sci-fi looks

        Some of the best examples of this are Gravity, a sci-fi movie about two astronauts who find themselves stranded in space; Snowpiercer, an intensely claustrophobic tale of survival set aboard a train barreling toward the end of humanity; and Ex Machina, which follows a seductive synth that becomes more than just a robot.

        The eeriness and the intensity of the visuals in these films make them some of the most unique and enthralling works of science fiction you’ll ever see. They’re a must-see for anyone who loves to see new ideas presented in a fresh and exciting way.

        3D Artists

        Seven Topology Tips For 3D Artists To Know

        Topology is the foundation of 3D modeling and digital animation. It refers to the geometric surface characteristics of a mesh (the shape of the 3D object). These include vertices, edges, and arcs that makeup faces on the model.

        Getting the proportions right is essential to a 3D model’s look and feel, but it’s also a skill that takes time to master. As a result, it’s important to know the basics of topology before you start designing a new object.

        1. Use quads instead of subdivisions when possible

        Quads are the most common polygon type used by 3D artists to construct their models, and they’re ideal for producing realistic-looking objects with high resolution. They’re also a good choice for models that will be used in complex pipelines because they require fewer vertices than other shapes, which helps reduce memory usage on your computer.

        3D model

        2. Retopology is key to getting a good 3D model made

        One of the best ways to create a better-looking, more believable 3D model is to retopologize it after you’ve finished the design. Retopology is a process that lets you take high-resolution assets and lay out a clean, low-resolution topology over them, saving the polygon count required for the original design without compromising the quality or detail of the final product.

        3. Keeping a copy of the art you’re using as a reference is essential to creating a good-looking model

        To understand proportions, it’s important to have some form of art close at hand that you can draw over. This will help you understand how an object should look on the screen and in your model.

        4. Avoid N-Gons and other non-manifold faces when possible

        N-Gons are vertices that consist of three intersecting edges, which are very common in 3D modeling but can produce unwanted topology on flat surfaces when extruding faces. They often appear around poles or inset parts of a model and can cause strange rendering or smoothing artifacts.

        5. Avoid pinched corners when possible

        Pinched corners are common in modeling, but it’s important to learn how to avoid them. Pinched corners are a result of trying to model a corner with too many edges, which creates a pinch point in the topology. They can be difficult to remove, so keeping them in the background and focusing on a different element of your model’s design is best.


        6. Be careful with e-poles and other edge loops that meet or turn

        Edge loops are one of the most common occurrences in 3D modeling, and they’re also a major culprit for creating a pinch point in the topology. This happens when a face is extruded with too many edges or when an edge loop turns or meets another.

        7. Don’t put too many N-Gons in your model

        N-Gons are a common mistake for many beginning modelers. They subdivide poorly and can produce unwanted topology on flat surfaces. This makes them a bad practice to get into and can lead to problems when importing the model into popular sculpting applications like ZBrush or Mudbox.

        Street Art

        Everything You Need to Know About Street Art

        The term “street art” is used to describe a variety of art that has been created for public display. It is a subgenre of contemporary art that uses the street as a canvas and usually reflects social, political, or environmental issues.

        It is considered a form of expression often viewed as an illicit act, and it is illegal to create street art on public property. However, artists have successfully established their work within the public eye through various mediums and techniques.

        Roots of street art

        The earliest roots of street art can be traced back to the 1960s, as New York was on the brink of bankruptcy and a wave of creative kids took to the streets with a paintbrush in hand. The artworks were primarily in the form of signatures and lettering but soon evolved into full-scale murals covering subway cars.

        street art

        As the movement grew, street artists became a fixture in the New York scene and influenced other cities around the world. Many of them were influenced by rap, hip-hop, and punk music, as well as the countercultures that emerged in the 1970s and 1980s.

        Experimentation with new media

        In the 1990s, some street artists began experimenting with new media, such as video projections and LED lights. These are great ways to add texture and depth to your art, and they can be very effective in changing the perception of an area of the city.

        Centered on graffiti

        Traditionally, street art centered on graffiti, but now it encompasses several different forms of artistic expression. This includes murals, carved pieces, and installations. Most importantly, it is considered a form of socially conscious art with a political message. The art typically aims to challenge the status quo and inspire change.

        Most famous street artist

        One of the most prominent street artists is Shepard Fairey, best known for creating Barack Obama’s iconic “Hope” poster. He also deeply understands the political and historical context behind his artwork and has helped shape how people view political issues through his work. He is also a prominent figure in the world of entrepreneurship, having launched OBEY clothing and a range of other businesses.

        Book to read to start with street art

        A great place to start is with the Lonely Planet Street Art book, which briefly introduces 42 of the world’s most popular graffiti cities and suggests neighborhoods to explore. It is not an extensive guide, but it provides a snapshot of the culture and helps you to put together your own bucket list.

        Preserving street art

        It is important to remember that any art, especially one painted in the street, is liable to be damaged by time and weather. It isn’t easy to restore a piece of street art, but some artists try to personally touch up their works in situ whenever possible. A specialist may be able to advise you on how to restore your piece of street art, but it is also essential to be aware of the conditions to which it was painted and the elements to which it will be exposed.

        3D Art

        Everything You Need to Know About 3D Art

        Three-dimensional Art is any art form or medium that takes up space characterized by height, width, and depth. This can include sculpture, installations, performances, crafts, and visual arts such as painting, photography, and design.

        It’s the ability to create images resembling real-world objects or environments that make 3D computer graphics a powerful art form. Artists often use these techniques to create visual effects in films, but they can also be used to produce their own pieces of artwork.

        There are many different types of 3D Art, but a few common styles have become popular in the last few years. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about this exciting form of creative expression so that you can start creating your own beautiful works of Art!

        Getting Started with 3D Art

        As expected, the tools and materials for creating your own 3D designs are essential to success. You’ll need a powerful laptop, graphics card, and the best design software to start your first 3D projects. There is a wide range of CAD (computer-aided design) programs that can help you achieve the look and feel of your finished work.

        Using these programs, you can build 3D models of any object you want, from animals to cars. You’ll then be able to add lighting, shadows, and other details to your design to ensure it is as realistic as possible.

        Some 3D artists can achieve such impressive realism that they can even replicate the world around them! This can inspire those interested in exploring the world through their Art.

        For example, one of the most acclaimed 3D artists of all time, Yayoi Kusama, has an incredible knack for combining bright colors with patterns to create her psychedelic paintings. Her paintings will surely attract attention and bring a smile to your face.

        3D Art

        Can be created by adding depth

        3D Art can also be created by adding depth to photos or images. Some photographers take photographs at different angles to create a three-dimensional image that adds a new dimension to an existing photo or image. It’s not uncommon for this method to be used for advertising, marketing, and several other uses.

        Street painting

        Street painting, also known as sidewalk art or chalk art, is another popular 3D artwork. This art style was developed in the 18th century and is still popular today. The most effective street artists will use the right message and make the piece of art fun to engage with.

        Need to know working on a computer

        Aside from a passion for 3D Art, you must be skilled at working with computers and have a strong understanding of digital photography. You’ll also need a creative eye and a good grasp of color theory.

        Use of computer-generated renderings

        Some artists may use traditional drawing and painting methods to create their 3D designs, but others will use computer-generated renderings instead. This method allows them to create a highly detailed artwork that can be reproduced in 3D format with the aid of a digital printer or 3D scanner.

        Sci-Fi Movies

        Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

        Whether you’re into alien invasions or dystopian reimaginings of the future, there’s a science fiction movie for you. It’s just a matter of finding the right one! If you ask most sci-fi movie fans what their go-to films are, they’ll probably give you a list that includes classics like Metropolis, Blade Runner, and 2001. Sure, all of these movies are technically sci-fi and feature futuristic settings and futuristic technologies, but there are many others that you should watch at least once.



        Interstellar is a science fiction movie directed by Christopher Nolan. The film features a team of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in search of a new habitable planet for humanity, as Earth is facing a catastrophic famine. The film explores various themes like love, time, and human survival. It uses scientific concepts like wormholes, black holes, and time dilation to create a visually stunning, thought-provoking experience.


        Tenet is a science fiction action-thriller movie also directed by Christopher Nolan. The film features an unnamed protagonist recruited by a mysterious organization to prevent a future catastrophe that could cause the end of the world. The movie explores the concept of time inversion, allowing the characters to move backward and forward. It features complex action sequences and mind-bending plot twists that require close attention from the audience.


        There’s something very satisfying about a film that isn’t just a slog but also offers some thought-provoking social commentary. Moon is a great example of that, as it’s a sci-fi movie that takes place on the moon and explores how astronauts cope with the isolation of being in space.


        Another sci-fi film that isn’t just a blockbuster is Upgrade, a romantic take on the idea of a virtual assistant. Directed by Spike Jonze, this film is a wonderful example of how science fiction can have a distinctly human element. It’s a little darker than your average sci-fi flick, but that doesn’t mean it lacks action.


        This movie will stay with you for a long time, and it’s a great example of how the sci-fi genre can be used to talk about things we’re all struggling with. Specifically, the film explores a depressed writer (Joaquin Phoenix) who upgrades his operating system and introduces a virtual assistant called Samantha who he eventually falls in love with.


        A movie that is not only a sci-fi masterpiece but also a beautiful film, Wall-E is one of Pixar’s greatest creations ever. Taking a very realistic approach to the sci-fi genre, this film is the perfect example of how an animated movie can be both entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time.


        Close Encounters of the Third Kind

        Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a classic sci-fi movie that deals with the issue of alien life on Earth, and it does it in a way that isn’t afraid, to be frank about the implications of what humans could learn from an alien encounter. It’s a film that will always be incredibly relevant, as it tackles some of the most pressing questions about the nature of humanity and its relationship with the cosmos.

        SciFi Movies

        SciFi Movies to Coming Out in 2023

        Scientific Fiction is the most loved movie genre, which has attracted crowds of different generations. 2023 is a promising year for this genre as Marvel, DC, and others have promising scripts ready for people to dive into!

        If you’re a Sci-Fi fanatic, here are some movies you cannot miss in 2023.

        Dune Part 2

        Release Date: November 3, 2023

        Denis Villeneuve’s Dune was considered one of the most awe-spiring, immersive, and transporting movies. The audience is equally excited for the release of its second part, with Timothee Chalamet in the lead. Zendaya, Brolin, Rebecca Ferguson, and many more follow the lead. People can expect to witness shiny swordfights, political entanglements, and other interesting desert battles that keep them occupied without munching on their popcorn.

        Spider-Man – Across the Spider-Verse

        Release date: June 2, 2023

        Spider-Man – Into the Spider-Verse was one of the most interestingly executed spider Man series, which blew everyone’s mind and kept them wondering what animation can achieve! The next series – Across the Spider-verse- shows equally dazzling images and is one of the year’s most awaited and anticipated movies. In this series, the other spider –man’s are face to face with each other to create a nail-biting act for viewers to anticipate.

        Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

        Release Date – June 30, 2023

        People who have already watched the crazy introduction of Crystal Skull are awaiting the time travel theme in this movie. It features Harrison Ford with the Logan director James Mangold. The SciFi movie is all set to set the theaters with screams and awe.

        Indiana Jones

        Knock at the Cabin

        Release date – February 3, 2023

        The director of the movie Paul G Tremblay is known to deliver on the intrigue. The glimpses of the movie include a family getaway, an invasive home, and a doomsday group. All these elements of the movie are already sending chills down the spine of the viewers. This increasingly designed Sci-FI movie is all set to raise the bar for other upcoming movies in the year.

        Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

        Release date – December 25, 2023

        Although the release date of this Sci-Fi movie is by the end of the year, it has not stopped the excitement of its fans. It follows the traditional borderline-horror campfire sequel. The person he meets at the end may or may not be Jason Momoa’s last hurray as the ultimate Aquaman. It is for the viewers to watch and learn about this thrilling experience at the end of the year.


        Release Date – July 21, 2023

        For all Barbie and doll lovers, it is a fantastic movie where Margot Robbie is starred as Barbie – the iconic doll. But only this time, fans can see that she’s real, trying to escape her Barbie world. The cast includes Will Ferrell, Ryan Gosling, Kate McKinnon, and many more famous names.

        3d Artwork

        Scifi And 3d Artwork – A Complete Overview

        Sci-Fi, also known as science fiction, is one of the most exciting genres in the movie industry, which has hooked people to the edge of their seats till the last. Over the years, the popular demand for this genre has also caused a great marriage with the 3D art world. Since then, science fiction and the world of 3D artwork have always gone hand in hand. The implementation of specific themes can be seen as a blank canvas with a great variety of possibilities in the 3D art world. One of the major ways of implementing sci-fi designs in the art world is through Computer Generated Imagery, especially in the media and television industries which are pushed their boundaries to perform limitless possibilities.

        Scifi and 3d artwork in movies

        The idea of implementing 3D artwork in SciFi movies and sci-fi themes in 3D artwork was developed in 1932, with the introduction of the movie ‘Tron.’ This movie introduced the world to the amalgam of the two, which specifically created some groundbreaking effects using Computer generated Graphics (CGI). The sci-fi movie generated great action themes with unique effects generated using 3D computer artwork. They brought the characters alive through their animations, and paved was marked as an example for other futuristic movies like ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Avatar.’

        Since then, the use of 3D graphics in sci-fi entertainment has bloomed, forcing production houses to implement this combination to create alien creatures and other 3D art forms. In addition, the development of various modern-day hardware and software has also helped generate this environment, which has helped to develop some amazing visual effects in the different sci-fi-produced movies.

        3D graphics

        Star Wars is another great example of this franchise which is especially popular for its visual and 3d effects generated using CGI.

        Scifi and 3d artwork in Gaming

        Aside from the entertainment industry, combining the two has also turned heads in the gaming industry. Using different futuristic software and technologies has made it possible to create three-dimensional characters in the sci-fi gaming world, which has helped in immersive playing. The mass effect, Cyberpunk 2077, No Man’s Sky, and other such video games have helped create 3D graphics to bring characters back to life.

        Scifi and 3d artwork in Marketing

        One unique sector that benefits from the marriage of Sci-fi and 3D artwork is the marking and advertising industries. Companies and agencies in this sector enjoy the playfulness of implementing these technologies to create more realistic advertisements and utilize the perfect opportunity to create 3D graphics in the commercial sector. The popularity and demand of the two in the marketing sector have grown so much that it has now become an integral part of the advertising and marketing world, with many companies switching their strategies around these two technologies.

        Science Fiction

        Best Animated Science Fiction TV Series Of All Time

        With so much great science fiction and animated TV series, it can be tough to pick the best of the bunch. But we’ve done our homework and found the 10 best-animated sci-fi shows. Take a look at our list below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

        Star Wars: The Clone Wars

        Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a CGI animated television series set in the Star Wars universe. The series was produced by Lucasfilm Animation and began airing on October 3, 2008, with a movie titled “Ambush.”

        Dark Matter

        Dark Matter is a Canadian science fiction series created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. Set in the future, it follows the crew of a derelict starship which is awakened from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board.

        The ensemble cast includes Melissa O’Neil, Marc Bendavid, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari Jr., Jodelle Ferland and Roger Cross.

        Stargate Infinity

        Stargate Infinity is a Japanese anime television series, the first in the Stargate Infinity trilogy. It was produced by Toei Animation and aired on Tokyo TV from October 1, 2001, to September 30, 2002.

        In this series, Professor Asuna has found an ancient device called the Stargate (a concept inspired by the movie), which allows time travel and teleportation through space. He invites his friends to join him on an adventure through time and space using it.

        They explore several planets throughout history with their ship known as “The Infinity.” On each planet, they meet different kinds of people who have their problems and conflicts with each other or other races.

        Uchu Sentai Kyuranger

        Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is a reboot of one of the most popular tokusatsu shows in Japan. The show follows a group of heroes who fight to protect the Earth from evil aliens.

        The main character, Buruburu, is an upbeat and cheerful hero who loves food. There are also strong female characters such as Koguma, who can transform into a rabbit-like creature and Umeko, who can turn into a giant pink panda monster.

        Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

        Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn is a 2009 Japanese anime science fiction film and the ninth installment in the Gundam franchise. The movie is set in the Universal Century timeline, specifically between U.C. 0001 and 0096, during the events of Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam F91.

        The story revolves around Banagher Links, who finds himself involved with a dangerous organization known as “Vist Foundation” after finding an old mobile suit on Laplace’s satellite.

        With his encounter with this mysterious girl named Audrey Burne, he learns more about her past. He discovers that she holds the key to unlocking Laplace’s Box, which contains secret information about humanity’s origins and future.

        Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

        Space Battleship Yamato 2199

        Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is a remake of the classic 1970s anime series Space Battleship Yamato. The original show took place in the distant future when Earth was dying and humanity had to leave it to survive—and that’s exactly what happens in 2199 as well.

        In this version, an alien race known as the Gamilas has attacked Earth with an ultimate weapon called Desler’s Comet, which has caused massive devastation across the planet. But don’t worry! Humanity doesn’t give up without a fight; they find ways to rebuild themselves and launch a counterattack on their enemies’ home planet.