Fantasy Digital Art Painting Tips for Beginners
Digital Art Painting

Improving your Digital Art skills doesn’t simply mean learning new software or acquiring the newest drawing gadgets. Refining your core art skills by consistently sketching is the best strategy to adopt to improve your digital art. To get better as a digital artist, you need to get out of your comfort zone, try new things and be willing to make mistakes to grow. Practicing new styles of drawing is just as important. You can start by perfecting your Figure Drawing, Animal Drawing, and Portrait skills. Another one of the most significant skills to learn is to tell stories with your digital art. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your digital art painting skills:

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Understanding composition is vital to adding more depth to your digital art. A great way to achieve more composition in your artwork is to arrange more elements diagonally. This trick makes your artwork feel more dynamic, thus making the observer feel more action and depth to your pictures. By making your elements or characters unbalanced, an artist can project more movement into a still picture.


Another vital strategy to produce successful digital art is to choose appropriate color palettes. The color palettes you choose can tell the viewers a story and define the mood of the painting. One of the significant advantages of creating digital art is that you can play around with colors to find an appropriate array of colors suitable for the mood. When choosing colors for your digital art, make sure to provide contrast to your pictures. Use contrasting colors together by placing your darker elements on a lighter background. For more aesthetically pleasing color combinations, look into nature.


The background of your fantasy art pictures is a significant part of telling the viewers a story. Pay attention to the gradient to create some depth in your digital art. Separate your background, midground, and foreground. Practice with various gradient tools available to create different environmental effects such as fog, dust, or haze.

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Perspective is very important when it comes to creating fantasy art pictures. Deep knowledge of perspective is a foundation skill for an artist. For this, you should imagine how things might look from a particular point of view. When you are creating fantasy digital art, you should be well aware of the physical phenomena that rule your fantasy world to make your painting more cohesive.

Animal Anatomy and Figure Drawing:

One of the most crucial skills to practice as a digital artist is your figure drawing and animal anatomy skills. Practice your skills by sketching regularly and gaining information on what the human body looks like while doing different tasks from a certain point of view. Study a different selection of references before creating your animals in your digital artwork.

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