Sci-Fi looks can be a hard thing to nail down. The genre is so vast and varied that it’s almost impossible to compile a definitive list of the best. Still, if you love the eerie, unsettling vibes of science fiction, here are some suggestions to help you get started:

How it all started?

Before we dive into the ways to get the best sci-fi looks, we need to first understand how it emerged. The aesthetic of Sci-Fi has changed drastically over the past several decades. From the dazzling neon-lit uniforms of the ’80s to the futuristic cyberpunk design of films like Blade Runner, the genre has undergone major transformations.

One of the most important visual changes is the shift from the classic, flamboyant sci-fi look to a more muted and minimal style. Director Michael Bay’s blockbuster franchise is a prime example of this trend. Still, there are also many other great examples that use minimalist design to create an atmosphere of anxiety and unease.

Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is an absolute masterpiece of dystopian science fiction. It occurs in a world where society has collapsed, and we’re forced to live under a dysfunctional and oppressive government. The film explores how people’s psyches can be controlled, and we watch Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) gradually transform into an activist in this dystopian world.

Examining the human psyche

It’s no secret that sci-fi has a long history of examining human psyches. From the earliest sci-fi flicks to the most recent blockbusters, filmmakers have been exploring the concept of “the human condition.” This is especially true regarding the genre’s depictions of aliens and time travel, as well as the concept of alienation.

sci-fi looks

Explore the space

Another major trend in the science fiction genre is its exploration of space. This could be as simple as a movie about astronauts stranded on a distant planet or as complex as a film about the Earth’s environmental crisis. No matter the direction, it’s always important to make sure that a sci-fi film has a sense of scale and drama.

Combination of the human psyche and space

There are also films that combine both aspects of the genre, allowing the viewer to appreciate the intricate and compelling story without necessarily feeling like they’re watching a blockbuster action film or sci-fi blockbuster. The best examples of this type of cinematic storytelling aren’t always the most high-budget movies, but they’re often some of the most visually stunning ones.

Examples of best sci-fi looks

Some of the best examples of this are Gravity, a sci-fi movie about two astronauts who find themselves stranded in space; Snowpiercer, an intensely claustrophobic tale of survival set aboard a train barreling toward the end of humanity; and Ex Machina, which follows a seductive synth that becomes more than just a robot.

The eeriness and the intensity of the visuals in these films make them some of the most unique and enthralling works of science fiction you’ll ever see. They’re a must-see for anyone who loves to see new ideas presented in a fresh and exciting way.

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