Sci-Fi, also known as science fiction, is one of the most exciting genres in the movie industry, which has hooked people to the edge of their seats till the last. Over the years, the popular demand for this genre has also caused a great marriage with the 3D art world. Since then, science fiction and the world of 3D artwork have always gone hand in hand. The implementation of specific themes can be seen as a blank canvas with a great variety of possibilities in the 3D art world. One of the major ways of implementing sci-fi designs in the art world is through Computer Generated Imagery, especially in the media and television industries which are pushed their boundaries to perform limitless possibilities.

Scifi and 3d artwork in movies

The idea of implementing 3D artwork in SciFi movies and sci-fi themes in 3D artwork was developed in 1932, with the introduction of the movie ‘Tron.’ This movie introduced the world to the amalgam of the two, which specifically created some groundbreaking effects using Computer generated Graphics (CGI). The sci-fi movie generated great action themes with unique effects generated using 3D computer artwork. They brought the characters alive through their animations, and paved was marked as an example for other futuristic movies like ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Avatar.’

Since then, the use of 3D graphics in sci-fi entertainment has bloomed, forcing production houses to implement this combination to create alien creatures and other 3D art forms. In addition, the development of various modern-day hardware and software has also helped generate this environment, which has helped to develop some amazing visual effects in the different sci-fi-produced movies.

3D graphics

Star Wars is another great example of this franchise which is especially popular for its visual and 3d effects generated using CGI.

Scifi and 3d artwork in Gaming

Aside from the entertainment industry, combining the two has also turned heads in the gaming industry. Using different futuristic software and technologies has made it possible to create three-dimensional characters in the sci-fi gaming world, which has helped in immersive playing. The mass effect, Cyberpunk 2077, No Man’s Sky, and other such video games have helped create 3D graphics to bring characters back to life.

Scifi and 3d artwork in Marketing

One unique sector that benefits from the marriage of Sci-fi and 3D artwork is the marking and advertising industries. Companies and agencies in this sector enjoy the playfulness of implementing these technologies to create more realistic advertisements and utilize the perfect opportunity to create 3D graphics in the commercial sector. The popularity and demand of the two in the marketing sector have grown so much that it has now become an integral part of the advertising and marketing world, with many companies switching their strategies around these two technologies.

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